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Auto-B-Good Out of the Wilderness DVD

Auto-B-Good Out of the Wilderness DVD

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Episode 1 - Billy and the Big Horns (Friendliness) EJ, Izzi and friends race off to the great outdoors for a camping expedition. The road takes a startling turn when they meet a lost car raised in the wilds of Big Horn country. Can a smiling face beat a ramming head? Only Izzi knows for sure! Music video: God's Family Episode 2 - Home Sweet Home (Gratefulness) Billy's first trip to the city turns into the adventure of a lifetime as he discovers soccer, skateboarding, the video arcade, and most of all, ice cream! His excitement infects the whole gang, as everyone discovers that home can be the most wonderful place on earth. Music video: I Can Do All Things Through Christ Episode 3 - The Quest for Power (Peacefulness) The Animé festival is giving away special battle goggles that assist young players in their quest for power. EJ discovers something greater than power and aggression in the love and caring of friends and family. Music video: Peace Power Bonus episode - The Winning Goal (Sportsmanship) When Maria takes over as the soccer coach, EJ is not pleased with her emphasis on sportsmanship. This could ruin the season and take the fun out of the game!