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Amos Lee My New Moon CD
Amos Lee My New Moon CD

Amos Lee My New Moon CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak/Slipcase.

  • 1 No More Darkness, No More Light
  • 2 Louisville
  • 3 Little Light
  • 4 All You Got Is a Song
  • 5 I Get Weak
  • 6 Crooked
  • 7 Hang on, Hang on
  • 8 Don't Give a Damn Anymore
  • 9 Whiskey on Ice
  • 10 Don't Fade Away

2018 release. Singer/songwriter Amos Lee says his seventh studio album My New Moon is "a dedication... it's an offering - an altar of sorts to those who have shared their sorrows with me." It is a product of profound human experiences; loss, grief, hope, healing, love, sorrow, and rejuvenation. Each track on My New Moon takes a journey through these intense and personal experiences. Opening track "No More Darkness, No More Light" was rewritten entirely after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and speaks to the hope for change that lies in amongst tragic situations and challenges. "Little Light," written for a young girl who beat cancer, is a positive message of spreading light for the world to see, even if you're facing hardship. "Hang On, Hang On" reflects the helplessness that comes after the loss of a loved one, "Crooked" brings to light the difficult and confusing times we've faced throughout history in America, and "I Get Weak" is a beautifully dark love song to something that might kill you, but you need it to go on living. The album as a whole reflects the darkness and the light that we all both experience and bring into the world, and how through these personal experiences and hard times, we grow more connected to one another.