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Various Your Name CD

Various Your Name CD

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Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. Life - Joel Auge & Leeland

2. Healer - Paul Baloche & Aaron Shust

3. Your Name - Paul Baloche & Phil Wickham

4. Almighty - Josh Reedy & Ayiesha Woods

5. Lord - Ian Eskelin, Mark Stuart & Vicky Beeching

6. Saviour - Jared Anderson, Christy Johnson & Sean Loche

7. Shepherd - Ian Eskelin

8. Jesus - Joel Auge & Arron Boyd

9. Father - Jason Roy & Wes Willis

10. Rock - Lincoln Brewster & Adam Agee

Throughout Scripture, God often revealed Himself to His people by speaking of His Name. Whenever light passes through a diamond, there are countless flashes of color and brilliance that are revealed. A similar thing happens when we consider the names of God. While we will never fully know everything there is to know about His inexhaustible name, He chooses to let us see different, beautiful views of Himself through the names He discloses. Each name always reflects something about who He is and what He is like. In some we see His strength. In others, His tenderness. Some reveal His righteousness. Others, His sovereignty or compassion. As you listen, to these worship songs, may you say...

I will sing praises to Your Name. Psalm 9:2