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Chasen That Was Then This Is Now CD

Chasen That Was Then This Is Now CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. Castaway, 2. Love in Your Name, 3. On and On, 4. Leave You Alone, 5. Airplanes, 6. One in a Million, 7. Bullet, 8. Eyes of a Rescue, 9. Slow Down, 10. There Is Love

Things that last are often those that are allowed to grow naturally: organic talent that develops over time, nurtured along by the love of family and friends, spread by means of a grassroots effort and good old-fashioned word of mouth. That is the story of the band Chasen. With gifts honed by nearly a decade as a woship pastor, Chasen Challahan, lead singer for Chasen, built a following one person at a time while simultaneously shaping his craft as a songwriter. The band is poised to continue that growth with That Was Then, This Is Now, a melodically-driven, pop-rock musical journey that includes both upbeat tracks and worshipful moments with a clear directional focus towards God.