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Hymns Collective Session 1 CD

Hymns Collective Session 1 CD

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Intimate Acoustic Worship.

1. Love Lifted Me (Jesus Saves)

2. Love, You Never Let Me Go

3. O How I Love Jesus (There is a Name)

4. Depth of Mercy

5. According to Thy Gracious Word

6. More About Jesus

7. Holy, Holy, Holy (The Sound of Glory)

8. This I Know (There is a Fountain)

9. All to Jesus (I Surrender)

10. Break on Me Breath of God

11. Bleeding Savior

12. Man of Sorrows

In a world filled with noise, so many are searching for a quiet place, a place of reflection to meet our deep desire to encounter God and hear His voice. The Hymns Collective is a group of musicians and songwriters who have artfully and beautifully crafted new melodies and organic sounds around the timeless truths of classic hymns and God's Word. These recordings will bring peace and encouragement along with a fresh sound of worship for those who long for the depth of the hymns but desire a new way to express their hearts to God. Featuring simple arrangements and heartfelt vocals, Session One of this Collective is intimate, acoustic, beautiful worship at its best.