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The List : Power Comes with a Price DVD

The List : Power Comes with a Price DVD

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Product Description

Renny Jacobson is shaken by the news of his father's mysterious death and mystified by the reference in his will to an obscure entity called "The Covenant List of South Carolina, Ltd." He sets out on a quest to learn the truth about "The List" and finds that he must fulfill a prophecy spoken in 1863 or risk losing the true treasure that has changed his life.

The List, a supernatural thriller, begins at the close of the Civil War, when a cabal of Southern businessmen formed a secret pact to preserve their personal wealth. A century and a half later, a frustrated young lawyer named Renny Jacobsen (Chuck Carrington, JAG) discovers he's been cut out of his estranged father's will--but when he opens a locked box, he discovers a far more complicated inheritance that leads him to meet an attractive woman named Jo Johnston (Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill) and the charming but mephistophelean Desmond Larochette (played by the charming but mephistophelean Malcolm McDowell), who leads the descendants of the original cabal. As Jacobsen learns how his history is tied up in this ominous list of names, he finds himself torn between his morals and his craving for money. Based on the Christian novel by Robert Whitlow, The List does its best to make the most of a low budget, focusing on character and story rather than special effects or visual style. Ultimately it's more about the power of prayer than being scary, though McDowell does his best to foster a sinister atmosphere. While Christian viewers may find the ending affirming, nonbelievers may find it a bit anticlimactic. --Bret Fetzer