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Cistercian Monks Chant For Peace CD

Cistercian Monks Chant For Peace CD

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01. Ani Tzame Psalm 122 (121) "Laetatus sum" [Traditional: ]
02. Introitus: Da pacem, Domine [Traditional: Missa pro Pace]
03. Alleluia: Lauda, Jerusalem [Traditional: Missa pro Pace]
04. Offertorium: Laudate Dominum [Traditional: Missa pro Pace]
05. Communio: Pacem relinquo vobis [Traditional: Missa pro Pace]
06. Libavtini [Amarilio: ]
07. Ana Pana Dodech [Aldema: ]
08. Kyrie fons bonitatis [Traditional: ]
09. El Ginat Egoz [Levi Tanai: ]
10. Introitus: Dilexisti iustitiam [Traditional: Missa pro Virgine tantum]
11. Alleluia: Diffusa est gratia [Traditional: Missa pro Virgine tantum]
12. Offertorium: Filiae regum [Traditional: Missa pro Virgine tantum]
13. Communio: Quinque prudentes virgines [Traditional: Missa pro Virgine tantum]
14. Ani Ma'Amin [Traditional: ]
15. Halleluia [Traditional: ]
16. Canticum "Alleluia" [Traditional: ]
17. Hymnus "Urbs Ierusalem" [Traditional: ]
18. Sar Hamemune [Traditional: ]
19. Im Nin' Alu [Traditional: ]
20. Benedictus (Cantum Zachariae) [Traditional: ]
21. Tur Manoti [Traditional: ]
22. Deror Yikra [Traditional: ]
23. Hymnus "Te lucis ante terminum" [Traditional: ]
24. Nunc dimittis (Canticum Simeonis) [Traditional: ]
The Monks Of Heiligenkreuz raise their ethereal voices again in this successor to Chant – Music For Paradise, their million-selling 2008 album. Chant for Peace mixes the Cistercian brothers’ ancient plainchant with the hypnotic Hasidic and Yemeni vocals of Timna Brauer, who represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest. For Timna, the secret to their collaboration is that they are, literally, singing from the same hymn sheet: “The Jewish Yemeni and Hasidic music comes from Old Testament psalms, just like the Gregorian chants.”