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Sanctus Real Changed CD

Sanctus Real Changed CD

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1. Your Love is Loud
2. Survival
3. Safe In My Fathers Arms
4. Confidence
5. Hide and Seek
6. Unrestrained
7. Changed
8. Hello Love
9. My Hope Is In The Lord
10. Breaking Point

Change, particularly unexpected change, can sometimes be a foundational crack that causes the whole structure to come tumbling down. Survival, it turns out, depends on what you do with the rubble. After 20 years of touring, 24 radio hits and full album sales exceeding 750,000, Sanctus Real is back with their highly anticipated new album, Changed - and introducing new lead singer Dustin Lolli.

Over 2 years in the making and in collaboration with multiple award winning producers and songwriters, changed is undoubtedly Sanctus Real's most passionately resonating effort in years.

Life is, whether good or bad, a series of unexpected moments. With Changed, the band communicates that nothing's ever a lost cause in the kingdom of Heaven. Stripping away what was and getting down to the one things that matters has given the band a new voice and solidified the purpose behind it.