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Cool Hand Luke Balancing Act CD

Cool Hand Luke Balancing Act CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipack Case.

1. The Balancing Act, 2. So Shall It Be, 3. Wonder Tour, 4. Cinematic, 5. Case of Emergency, 6. 10 or 40, 7. Sideways, 8. A Thank You, 9. This Is Love, 10. One Time, 11. I'm Not Ready, 12. Skydive, 13. Rest for the Weary, 14. A Floating Smile

This collection of 14 tracks attempts to balance ministry and art, message and poetry, and the expectations of a large fan base against the artistic growth of an evolving band. The song themes are always serious: grace, consequences, and finding truth and love in a fallen world.