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Big Daddy Weave Ultimate Collection CD

Big Daddy Weave Ultimate Collection CD

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  1. Love Come to Life
  2. Every Time I Breathe (Ultimate Version)
  3. What Life Would Be Like (1) [Ultimate Version]
  4. Let It Rise (Ultimate Version)
  5. Audience of One (Ultimate Version)
  6. What I Was Made For (Ultimate Version)
  7. Fields of Grace (Ultimate Version)
  8. You Found Me (Ultimate Version)
  9. In Christ (Ultimate Version Without Tag)
  10. Just the Way I Am (Ultimate Version)
  11. Heart Cries Holy (Ultimate Version)
  12. You're Worthy of My Praise (Ultimate Version)
  13. Neighborhoods (Ultimate Version)
  14. Without You (Ultimate Version)
  15. Set Me Free (Ultimate Version)

Big Daddy Weave has long been known for their poignant messages and words of encouragement through song and lyric. Songs like "Every Time I Breathe", "Let It Rise", and "Audience Of One" deeply resonate with audiences and have had a lasting impact on listeners.

This collection of hits features 15 of Big Daddy Weave's biggest radio songs and fan favourites, plus one brand new song!