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Group 1 Crew x2 Ordinary Dreamers/Group1Crew 2CD

Group 1 Crew x2 Ordinary Dreamers/Group1Crew 2CD

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1 Love Is A Beautiful Thing
2 No Plan B
3 A Lot In Common
4 Can't Go On
5 Let It Roll
6 Forgive Me
7 (Everybody's Gotta) Song To Sing
8 Clap Ya Hands
9 Come Back Home
10 I Have A Dream
11 What Yo Name Is
12 So High

Put Like That

1 Movin'
2 Our Time
3 Gimme That Funk
4 Tonight
5 Keys To The Kingdom
6 Closer
7 Bring The Party To Life
8 Icontact
9 I See You
10 Critical Emergency

Musically diverse and lyrically relevant; One dream, one chance, one crew not only describes their mission but also their music. Funk, pop, hip-hop and 70's soul all meld together to form the unique sound of Group 1 Crew. Manwell, Blanca, and Pablo combine their vocals and raps to form a pop hip-hop fusion everyone can groove to.