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Fleetwood Mac Rumours Deluxe LP/4CD/DVD
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Deluxe LP/4CD/DVD

Fleetwood Mac Rumours Deluxe LP/4CD/DVD

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Deluxe Edition. Factory Sealed.


CD 1 01 Second Hand News 07 The Chain 02 Dreams 08 You Make Loving Fun 03 Never Going Back Again 09 I Don't Want To Know 04 Don't Stop 10 Oh Daddy 05 Go Your Own Way 11 Gold Dust Woman 06 Songbird 12 Silver Springs

CD 2 01 Intro (Live) 07 Rhiannon (Live) 02 Monday Morning (Live) 08 Never Going Back Again (Live) 03 Dreams (Live) 09 Gold Dust Woman (Live) 04 Don't Stop (Live) 10 World Turning (Live) 05 The Chain (Live) 11 Go Your Own Way (Live) 06 Oh Daddy (Live) 12 Songbird (Live)

CD 3 01 Second Hand News (Early Take) 09 The Chain (Demo) 02 Dreams (Take 2) 10 Keep Me There (With Vocal) 03 Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet) 11 Gold Dust Woman (Early Take) 04 Go Your Own Way (Early Take) 12 Oh Daddy (Early Take) 05 Songbird (Demo) 13 Silver Springs (Early Take) 06 Songbird (Instrumental , Take 10) 14 Planets Of The Universe (Demo) 07 I Don't Want To Know (Early Take) 15 Doesn't Anything Last (Early Take) 08 Keep Me There (Instrumental) 16 Never Going Back Again ((Instrumental)

CD 4 01 Second Hand News (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 10 Oh Daddy (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 02 Dreams (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 11 Think About It (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 03 Brushes (Never Going Back Again) [Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes] 12 Never Going Back Again (Early Demo) 04 Don't Stop (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 13 Planets Of The Universe (Early Demo) 05 Go Your Own Way (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 14 Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) (Early Demo) 06 Songbird (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 15 Gold Dust Woman (Early Demo) 07 Silver Springs (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 16 Doesn't Anything Last (Early Demo) 08 You Make Loving Fun (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 17 Mic The Screecher (Jam Sessions) 09 Gold Dust Woman #1 (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes) 18 For Duster (The Blues) [Jam Sessions]

DVD 5 01 The Rosebud Film (Video)

Vinyl 01 Second Hand News 04 Don't Stop 02 Dreams 05 Go Your Own Way 03 Never Going Back Again 06 Songbird CD/DVD 7 01 The Chain 04 Oh Daddy 02 You Make Loving Fun 05 Gold Dust Woman

Description: This 1975 multi-platimum album, Rumours became Fleetwood Mac's most celebrated album and one of the best-selling albums of all time. 

ARTIST & INFO Hometown: London, England Band Members: Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in July 1967, in London. The band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time. In 1998, selected members of Fleetwood Mac were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.