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Caedmon's Call 40 Acres CD

Caedmon's Call 40 Acres CD

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A Coach's Top Pick! Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. There You Go, 2. Thankful, 3. Shifting Sand, 4. Faith My Eyes, 5. Where I Began, 6. Table for Two, 7. Climb On (A Back That's Strong), 8. Petrified Heart, 9. Somewhere North, 10. Daring Daylight Escape, 11. 40 Acres

Confident after four No. 1 singles and a 1998 Dove Award for Modern/Alternative Album of the Year, Caedmon's Call are back with more coffeehouse rock and brilliant songwriting on 40 Acres. This seven-piece ensemble has made a name for itself, not only with chart success, but with its hook-laden acoustic pop and extensive college-circuit touring. The tightness shows with their smooth rhythms, layered guitars, and evocative vocals. The first single, "There You Go," is pleasant enough, but dig deeper with such thoughtful gems as "Faith My Eyes," "Somewhere North," and the moving "Table for Two." "Daring Daylight Escape" kicks up a country-rock. Songwriters Aaron Tate and Derek Webb are two of the brightest hopes in contemporary Christian music's future. --Michael Lyttle