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The Almost Southern Weather CD

The Almost Southern Weather CD

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01. Say This Sooner

02. Drive There Now

03. Dirty And Left Out

04. I Mostly Copy Other People

05. Southern Weather

06. Stop It

07. Amazing Because It Is

08. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat

09. Never Say "I Told You So"

10. Call Back When I'm Honest

11. Everything That Makes Me Sick

Aaron Gillespie is a man obsessed. Whether he’s out in front of The Almost, his new, eagerly-anticipated rock-based project, or behind the drumkit for the world famous post-hardcore outfit Underoath—who debuted at #2 on the Billboard Album Survey with June 2006’s Define The Great Line—the Clearwater, Florida-bred songwriter/musician can’t help but throw himself into everything he does. With Southern Weather, The Almost gives Gillespie the opportunity to put a different musical side of himself on display. Performing nearly every instrument on the disc, Gillespie worked with acclaimed, Seattle-based producer Aaron Sprinkle (Emery, Anberlin) on Southern Weather. On the title song, Gillespie incorporates pieces of his youth. “I grew up in the Deep South in a Christian home,” he says of the declarative album opener. “I am very much informed by Southern values. Like anyone, I’ve had struggles along the way. But I’m committed to my faith in Christ. I’ve had such a strong calling and I think the song speaks to that.