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Anberlin Cities CD

Anberlin Cities CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. (Debut)
02. Godspeed
03. Adelaide
04. A Whisper & A Clamor
05. The Unwinding Cable Car
06. There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss
07. Hello Alone
08. Alexithymia
09. Reclusion
10. Inevitable
11. Dismantle.Repair.
12. (*Fin)
“Cities” is the next evolutionary step for the band proving yet again that Anberlin is more committed to their original goals now more than ever. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle & mixed by Mike Shipley (Def Leppard, Andrew W.K., etc.)
Anberlin’s story began in Winter Haven, Florida, when Stephen, Deon and Joey formed an early incarnation of the band out of sheer boredom. “Polk County is easily the redneck capital of Florida,” Stephen explains. “There’s literally nothing to do. And being so young, we couldn’t just drive to Orlando or Tampa to hang out. So we started forming a band. And up to that point there was no other scene in Central Florida. There were no other bands that we know of. So we had to teach ourselves everything.” “So we forged ahead on our own,” the singer continues. Influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode to The Smiths to the Ramones to Metallica, Anberlin as we know it created its own club scene along with hometown friends, Copeland and Underoath, but really gelled with the addition of Young, a protégé drummer and John Bonham devotee. The gents assumed their moniker and got serious. “One day we decided this is what we want to do with our lives,” Christian says succinctly.