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KJ-52 Yearbook CD
KJ-52 Yearbook CD

KJ-52 Yearbook CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Will You Ever Know?
02. Do Yo Thang
03. You'll Never Take Me Down
04. Do You Got That?
05. It Ain't Easy
06. Push Up
07. I Won't Ever Stop
08. Fanmail
09. You Can Still Come Back
10. Can I Be Honest?
11. Pump That
12. 5 Minutes (In The Garden)
13. Daddy's Girl
14. Wake Up
15. Say What You Want
16. You're Gonna Make It
17. You Hang Up First
18. Always Here For You
19. Take Every Part Of Me
2006 Dove Award winner, KJ-52 is back and ready to kick some beats and blow us away with his slammin’ lyrics. With his new album, The Yearbook, expect a style that you have grown to love, but also be expecting a little more diversity. “When I think of a yearbook I think of it as a snapshot of what has happened in my life for the last year: the pictures, the friends, the situations or the circumstances that have effected my life for that moment in time,” comments KJ. “As I began to work on this album from a musical and an artistic standpoint, I found myself going back through the last year and drawing from the experiences that I dealt with and using that as the foundation to write this new lp.” The album still has the fun, goofy party aspects that people love and expect from a KJ record but also addresses many serious issues that people face on a daily basis. I can honestly say that it’s my finest work to date. My prayer is that the listener will feel the same.”