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Anberlin Cities Deluxe CD/DVD
Anberlin Cities Deluxe CD/DVD

Anberlin Cities Deluxe CD/DVD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

Track Listing
  1. (Début)
  2. Godspeed
  3. Adelaide
  4. A Whisper & A Clamor
  5. The Unwinding Cable Car
  6. There Is No Mathematics to Love and Loss
  7. Hello Alone
  8. Alexithymia
  9. Reclusion
  10. Inevitable
  11. Dismantle. Repair.
  12. (*Fin)
  13. Uncanny
  14. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
  15. The Promise
  16. Bonus Material


Sticky sweet pop melodies, explosive pop-punk chord progressions, "sensitive guy" lyrics. Yep, this should all sound pretty darn familiar if you're a rock fan circa the early 21st century, as there's been an endless stream of bands (for years by this point) that meet all the prerequisites of the aforementioned checklist. And on their 2007 release, Cities, there are certain moments that you can definitely add Anberlin to this list. Thankfully, they don't specialize in that annoying frat-boy-esque shtick that some pop-punk bands do; instead, Anberlin can be quite an ambitious bunch that go the emo route. While songs such as the album-opening "Godspeed" sound like your average pop-punk band of the moment, tracks such as the acoustic guitar-driven "The Unwinding Cable Car" is emo at its most naked (and includes some pretty darn impressive vocal harmonies). But for the most part, the tunes sound like a hopeful trying to win over the judges in the latest episode of Rockstar, especially on such tracks as "Adelaide" and "Hello Alone." Nothing too groundbreaking here, but nothing cringe-worthy, either. [The 2007 edition includes three bonus tracks and an additional DVD.] ~ Greg Prato, Rovi