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Lashun Pace For My Good EP CD

Lashun Pace For My Good EP CD

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1. For My Good

2. It's My Time

3. Hey

4. The Lord Will Make a Way

5. I Trust You

6. When I Worship You

With a host of chart-topping albums, both as a solo artist and with her phenomenally gifted siblings, The Anointed Pace Sisters, LaShun’s powerful, dramatic, one-of-a-kind voice has won her fans, awards and acclaim both nationally and around the world. Both longtime LaShun fans, as well as newcomers to her fold, might be surprised – in the most pleasing of ways – to hear LaShun turn in the irresistibly catchy and totally up-to-the-minute Hey, which she describes as “kind of a Gospel ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’” among other Pace favourites.