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WET Still Run Vinyl LP

WET Still Run Vinyl LP

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Vinyl LP Record. Comes with FREE Digital Download. Factory Sealed.

TRACK LISTING: Side - A Side - B 1. Still Run - Wet feat. Starchild & The New Romantic (3:37) 1. 11 Hours - Wet (3:07) 2. There's a Reason - Wet (3:19) 2. This Woman Loves You - Wet (3:23) 3. You're Not Wrong - Wet (3:39) 3. Out of Tune - Wet (3:42) 4. Lately - Wet (3:51) 4. Visitor - Wet (5:23) 5. Softens - Wet (5:44) 5. Love is Not Enough - Wet (4:56)

Vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. Still Run is the 2018 album from Brooklyn, NY based alternative band Wet, and is the follow up to the band's critically acclaimed debut album Don't You from 2016. Still Run shows Wet with a more upbeat and pop driven sound than their debut. The band's new sound and new outlook, is informed by lead singer and songwriter Kelly Zutrau taking more creative control of the project. Much of Wet's shift stems from Zutrau's more forceful vocals, which allow her direct, yet poetic lyrics to resonate more deeply, and which leap out of the sunnier production. Producers like Rostam (Haim, Solange), Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief), and John Hill (Santigold, M.I.A.) assisted primary producer and Wet band member Joe Valle, who brings a new comfort level to his production style, presenting dark lyrics in a brighter way that highlights their innate intensity and let's Zutrau's songwriting shine.