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Phillips, Craig & Dean x2 Phillips Craig & Dean/Lifeline 2CD

Phillips, Craig & Dean x2 Phillips Craig & Dean/Lifeline 2CD

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Classic PCD 2 CD Set. Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. Turn Up The Radio
02. This Is The Life
03. He'll Never Let You Go
04. Favorite Song Of All
05. Midnight Oil
06. In Heaven
07. Little Bit Of Morning
08. For A Dream
09. Take Me To Jesus
10. It Wasn't In The Thunder
01. The Concert Of The Age
02. A Friend Called Grace
03. He'll Do Whatever It Takes
04. He Believes In Lost Causes
05. I Want To Be Just Like You
06. Can I Get A Witness
07. Strong Determination
08. Build A Bridge Of Love
09. When The Walls Come Down
10. Will You Love Jesus More
Featuring new parings of two full albums from some of the most well known artist in Christian music in one CD package. Our goal with this program is to strategically help you right stock your store with proven titles and brands that your customer know and love. In turn, offering you’re a new sku that moves quicker through your store and allows you to carry the key titles from the top artists while using less bin space. 

  • 2 full albums
  • Great way for customers to expand their CD collection of their favorite artists
  • Help “right stock” your department with proven titles and artists while using less space