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Falling Up Discover the Trees Again CD

Falling Up Discover the Trees Again CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Broken Heart
02. Hotel Aquarium
03. Moonlit
04. Exit Calypsan (into the ice cave)
05. Escalates
06. Contact
07. Searchlights (indoor soccer)
08. Good Morning Planetarium
09. Maps
10. Bittersweet
11. Islander
12. Symmetry
13. Flights
14. Falling In Love
15. Goodnight Gravity
Falling Up releases their first ever "Best Of" album featuring the hit songs "Moonlit", "Hotel Aquarium", "Contact" and so many more. Lights: Best Of Falling Up encapsulates just that…the best of all 3 albums the band has put out thus far. With six number one singles, 250+ lifetime sales, non stop touring; this album is sure to please any and all Falling Up fans