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Children 18:3 Rains a Comin' CD

Children 18:3 Rains a Comin' CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. Rain's A Comin'
02. Cover Your Eyes
03. The Cruel One
04. Whispering
05. Hey Driftwood(Tides)
06. Oh, Bravo
07. Oh, Honestly!
08. Wonder I
09. Stronger
10. Jack o Lantern Dreams
11. Lost So Long
12. The Last Laugh

Few can compare to the life, luster and liveliness in Minneapolis’ Children 18:3. Though the band is punk rock by trade, the term itself can hardly do justice to the unique pop quality this act possesses. Featuring two vocalists- one male, one female- Children 18:3 boasts an armada of delicious melodies and a live show that is completely compelling in the most unkept, erratic sort of way. All three members also have the same mother. That’s right, they are a three-piece punk rock band of siblings. Children 18:3 returns with their HIGHLY anticipated sophomore release on Tooth & Nail- Rain's a Comin', a beautiful record about revival, facing your fears, and taking chances.