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Letter Black Hanging on By a Remix CD

Letter Black Hanging on By a Remix CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Away From Me (Pitch Black and Paranoid Mix)
02. Moving On (Don't Let The Door Hit You Mix)
03. All I Want (Berlin After Dark Mix)
04. My Disease (Dirty Lazer Mix)
05. Better Luck Next Time (Guns Drawn Mix)
06. Collapse (Smooth Angel Mix)
07. Wounded (Too Much Sweat On A Strobe Light Mix)
08. Fire With Fire (N.Y.C. Amyl Nitrate Mix)
09. Perfect (Painful Mix)
10. Dream On (Rapid Eye Movement Mix)
11. Hanging On By A Thread (Cut The Cord Mix)
12. Moving On (Mike D's Knox-Vegas Remix)
The Letter Black is back and ready for action with their first remix record Hanging On By A Remix. Even in the midst of a busy touring schedule, The Letter Black released two EPs in 2011: “Hanging On By A Thread Sessions, Vol. 1” and “Hanging On By A Thread Sessions, Vol. 2.” Hanging On By A Remix is the perfect follow-up: a full-length remix release that features every song from their sophomore effort Hanging On By A Thread. It also features three additional tracks, including a remix cover of Aerosmith’s legendary anthem “Dream On.”