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Chris Taylor Take Me Anywhere CD

Chris Taylor Take Me Anywhere CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Turn Me Around
02. Made For You
03. Take Me Anywhere
04. Atmosphere
05. You See Through Me
06. I Don't Need To Know
07. Symphony
08. Speak To Me In Mysteries
09. Found In You
10. That's How It Goes
11. Safe
12. Lift Me Up
13. Come Around Again
New artist Chris Taylor delivers fresh sounding pop/rock songs, amazing hooks with a worshipful overtone. The album’s theme deals with redemption and renewal with songs like “Found in You,” “Take Me Anywhere” and “Lift Me Up.” As an artist Chris wants “to create an atmosphere for people to meet with God and vice versa.” and for him its “not just playing and writing but leading and allowing people to enjoy the goodness of God, wanting people to be inspired to be what they are called to be. They need to believe.”