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Charlie Hall The Bright Sadness CD

Charlie Hall The Bright Sadness CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Chain Breaker
02. New Year
03. Walk The World
04. My Brightness
05. Scenes
06. Thrill
07. The Second Alive
08. Hookers And Robbers
09. Bloom Again
10. You Are God
11. Knit My Heart
12. Mystery
Creating music for the sole purpose of making God’s name renown, celebrated worship artist Charlie Hall follows up his acclaimed 2006 release, Flying Into Daybreak, with a fourth studio project, The Bright Sadness. A collection of songs that reflect his spiritual journaling these last few years, the album, according to Hall, “comes from me understanding my ordinary human condition and my deep love for Jesus.” Recorded in Oklahoma City & LA, the project reflects real life struggles, among those themes addressed are brokenness and Christ’s free fellowship, redemption and compassion. Hall is currently debuting music from his new record on the first-ever Passion World Tour this summer and fall.