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Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours CD

Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Holiday
02. Easy
03. Sleep To Dream
04. Diplomat
05. Watercolors
06. Jacques Cousteau
07. I Was A Lover
08. Captured
09. Happiness
10. Good Times
Although Swimming With Dolphins hails from the chilly climate of Minnesota. Front man, Austin Tofte has created a sound with their music that is surprisingly warm and upbeat. Formed in 2008, Swimming With Dolphins released the Ambient Blue EP (production genius of Adam Young / Owl City) later that year to critical acclaim. Since then, Swimming With Dolphins has toured the country with the likes of Owl City, Lydia and Kill Paradise. He has won over countless fans with his ambient electronica pop that speaks to fans of all ages and backgrounds. Deriving his inspiration from the ocean and fond childhood memories of America's largest lakes. One can’t listen to his music without smiling from ear to ear. The band crafted their album in Seattle, WA with help from producer Aaron Sprinkle and in Atlanta, GA with the help of producers Zack Odom and Ken Mount.