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Run Kid Run Patterns CD

Run Kid Run Patterns CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Farewell Old Self
02. Last Hurrah
03. Back To The Basics
04. Daylight
05. Someway Somehow
06. Promise
07. Sunburns
08. Rely On Her
09. White Noise
10. War Is Over
11. My King
"War is Over" was #27 on the Christian Rock Radio Chart
"Back To The Basics" peaked at #1 on Christian Rock Radio Chart
Hailing from the state of Illinois, Run Kid Run is a 4 piece pop rock band with huge hooks, infectious melodies, and uplifting lyrics. After winning over thousands of people nationwide with their first two releases This Is Who We Are, and Love at the Core, Run Kid Run is back with their most powerful release to date. Produced by Mark Lee Townsend (O.C. Supertones, The Wedding, Relient K) and Matt Thiessen (Relient K), Patterns is the third installment from the band, and takes a more personal direction. “We were able to track in Nashville and it was so nice to be able to go home to sleep in our own beds after long days of tracking. We were able to take our time and it gave us the freedom to really be in a creative mindset. Instead of one producer we were blessed with two great talents, our buddy Matt Theissen from Relient K and Mark Townsend. They gave us great input and pushed us to really put forth our best. We stretched ourselves more than ever before and collaborated with great songwriters like Theissen, Aaron Gillespie from The Almost and Andy Smith from Paper Route. We poured our hearts into this record and believe it is our best yet. We are so excited to share it with the world!"