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Haste the Day Concerning the Way It Was 3CD

Haste the Day Concerning the Way It Was 3CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak.


01. Blue 42
02. Closest Thing to Closure
03. American Love
04. Concerning the Way It Was
05. Song of Faith
06. Ros King
07. One Life to Live
08. Last Goodbye
09. Honest Confession
10. Substance
11. Breaking My Own Heart
12. Outro
01. Fallen
02. The Perfect Night
03. Walk On
04. When Everything Falls
05. If I Could See
06. Walls And Fear
07. For A Lifetime
08. This Time It's Real
09. Bleed Alone
10. InstruMETAL
11. All I Have
12. Long Way Down
01. Eye Of The Needle
02. Pressure The Hinges
03. The Minor Prophets
04. The Oracle
05. White Collar
06. Needles
07. Janet's Planet
08. Servant Ties
09. Stitches
10. Vertigo
11. Akeldema
12. Eremus
13. Chorus Of Angels
Concerning The Way It Was is a 37 song, 3-CD set including all the songs from three albums: Burning Bridges (2004), When Everything Falls (2005), Pressure The Hinges (2007) - all for just $18.99. This new anthology will be a great addition for fans that may not have all Haste The Day's best-selling catalog as well as a great way for new fans to discover and get all three catalog albums for a great price. Collections like this are a great way for stores to carry all of Haste The Day's albums in one SKU and make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.