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Michael W Smith Freedom CD

Michael W Smith Freedom CD

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Track List

001. Freedom
002. The Offering
003. Carol Ann
004. The Giving
005. Hibernia
006. Letter To Sarah
007. Freedom Battle
008. Cry Of The Heart
009. Prayer For Taylor
010. The Call
011. Thy Word
012. Free Man
That renowned vocalist Michael W. Smith would issue an all-instrumental album might come as a surprise, but it shouldn't. Smith has always been a composer first and a pop star second. Indeed, his very first release, 1983's Michael W. Smith Project, tellingly opened with the instrumental synth piece "Sonata in D Major." Since then, Smith has included at least one instrumental composition on just about every record. With that in mind, Freedom is classic Smitty, blending dramatic orchestral arrangements and gentle piano touches along with his usual Celtic flavorings. Smith calls these songs the soundtrack of his mind, and Freedom does indeed carry the stamp of a movie score: strong melodies, pure arrangements, and a range of emotions that runs from the dramatic to the tender. That Smith hasn't followed fellow recording artists Randy Newman and Danny Elfman into scoring films remains a mystery, since he has such an obvious talent for the idiom. The music on Freedom, however, is evocative enough to conjure up plenty of images on its own.