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Kutless 3CD Collection Bundle Pack

Kutless 3CD Collection Bundle Pack

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With over 1.7 million units in career sales, a RIAA Gold Certified album (Strong Tower), and a RIAA Gold Certified Longform Video (Live From Portland), Kutless continues to make an impact. 

This 3 Album Collection features their debut, self-titled album, Kutless, released in 2002, their best-selling 2005 album Strong Tower, and their 2012 release, Believer. This collection shows the evolution of Kutless from a rock band, to a worship band, to a hybrid of the two. 

This 3 Album Collection includes:
  • Believer
  • Strong Tower
  • Kutless
1. If It Ends Today 
2. Carry On 
3. All Yours
4. Even If 
5. Hero 
6. Identity 
7. Need 
8. Come Back Home 
9. This Is Love 
10. Gravity 
11. I’m With You
12. Believer 
13. Carry Me To The Cross

Strong Tower 
1. We Fall Down 
2. Finding Who We Are 
3. Take Me In 
4. Ready For You 
5. Draw Me Close 
6. All Who Are Thirsty 
7. Better Is One Day 
8. All Of The Words 
9. Strong Tower 
10. Jesus Lord Of Heaven 
11. I Lift My Eyes Up 
12. Word Of God Speak 
13. Arms Of Love 

1. Your Touch 
2. In Me 
3. Run 
4. Vow 
5. Pride Away 
6. Down 
7. Again 
8. Dry 
9. Tonight 
10. This Time 
11. Saved 
12. Grace And Love