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Lany Vinyl 2LP

Lany Vinyl 2LP

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Double Vinyl LP Record. 16 Tracks. Factory Sealed.

Track Listing: 1) Dumb Stuff  2) The Breakup  3) Super Far  4) Overtime  5) Flowers on the Floor  6) Parents  7) Ilysb  8) 13  9) Hericane  10) Hurts  11) Good Girls  12) Pancakes  13) Tampa  14) Purple Teeth  15) So, Soo Pretty  16) It Was Love

Double vinyl LP pressing. LA based trio Lany make music that aims an arrow at your heart; beautiful songs with swashes of synth, often spare percussion, echoes of prime 1980s FM pop. Recorded in a tiny room on an ancient laptop, their songs are devastating and beautiful, in a way that you can't quite explain. Lany was formed in March 2014 when Paul Klein, who had a small solo career, flew to Nashville to meet up with friends Jake Goss and Les Priest. Previously, Goss and Priest had a separate project by the name of WRLDS, but this was discontinued after the formation of Lany.