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Freya Ridings Vinyl LP

Freya Ridings Vinyl LP

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Vinyl LP Record. Factory Sealed.

1. Poison

2. Lost Without You

3. Castles

4. You Mean the World To Me

5. Live is Fire

6. Holy Water

7. Blackout

8. Untraviolet

9. Still Have You

10. Unconditional

11. Elephant

12. Wishbone

2019 release. Freya Ridings emerged to be the breakout UK success story of 2018. Her breakthrough came with 'Lost Without You', one of those rare, once in a lifetime songs that immediately put a previously under the radar artist on the map. Such was it's word of mouth appeal that it hit the Top 10 on four separate occasions during a commanding six month run in the Top 40 in the UK. 'Lost Without You' saw Freya become the first female artist to have an entirely-self written Top 10 hit since Kate Bush.