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Mario Brown Project : Glory CD

Mario Brown Project : Glory CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Get To Know Ya (Acapella)
02. Your Grace
03. Glory
04. Take Me Away
05. I Can Live (Interlude)
06. Losin' It
07. A Father's Love (feat. Jae'min Brown)
08. I Can Do (feat. Edward Long)
09. Fly Like A Bird
10. Flow River Flow (feat. Pastor T. Glenn)
11. Revealed
12. New Day
13. Proven / Don't Let Me Die
Mario Jermaine Brown aka “Rio” is a notable, gifted, anointed, singer, and songwriter! He has the distinct ability to write songs of various genres and the ability to do so with timeliness and perfection. His music sends you on a journey and ultimately leads you to a place of truth within yourself. The music that he creates is well crafted, unique, and unduplicated. 

Mario Jermaine Brown was born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, WI. He began singing and playing the drums at the age of two. He grew up in the church "Greater New Life C.O.G.I.C", under the leadership of his grandfather, Rev. Joe Orr. He later joined the gospel group "New Creation", where he sang at various events, and discovered his gift as a songwriter. After that he became a member of an R&B group known as “Special Request”, who later became known as “Reign”. As a member and mentor, he was the principle songwriter/vocalist and arranged the majority of the music. “Reign” acquired a demo deal with Elektra Records and went on to record at Noontime, working with various artists and producers such as Jagged Edge, Brian M. Cox, Tank, Left Eye, Jazzy Pha, Teddy Bishop, Johntae Austin and Eddy "Gypsy" Stokes. 

Presently, he is pursuing his call and dream as an artist and a songwriter to deliver his message across the globe. He is a Praise and Worship Leader and also the Minister of Music over Christian Faith Fellowship Church Choir in Milwaukee, WI, under the leadership of Bishop Darrell L. Hines. 

Holding fast to the scripture text that declares “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men” (Proverbs 18:16 – KJV). Mario’s mission is to fulfill the purpose that God has placed over his life, to be all that God has created and called him to be. Glorifying God in all that he does and through the music that he creates. His passion is to change lives and lead people to Christ. He believes in the power of expectation! “When it's your time the door will open, everyone gets his or her opportunity at success”. When his opportunity comes he's going to take full advantage and emerge as one of the greatest artists and songwriters to ever live. His desire is to implant the music of MJB into the hearts of everyone!