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Tara Leigh Cobble Here's To Hindsight CD

Tara Leigh Cobble Here's To Hindsight CD

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CD is New. Notch in Jewel Case. Sealed. 

1. The Night Sky & A Telescope  2. Day Before Damascus  3. All I Want  4. Somehow Stay  5. It Won't Be You  6. This Could Take a While  7. Here's To Hindsight  8. Search Me  9. Made For You  10. Making All The Good Come True  11. The Word  12. O Beauitful

Originally from the east Tennessee outpost of Greeneville and currently based in New York City, singer/songwriter/author/speaker Tara Leigh Cobble launches into bold new territory with a dual book-and-album release. The two projects fit seamlessly together, effectively diversifying the landscape of TLC s career and showcasing her maturity as a wordsmith and siren. 

From the publishers of RELEVANT and RADIANT magazines comes TLC s first book, Here s to Hindsight: Letters to My Former Self, a spiritual memoir that has already prompted reviewers to hail her as the female Donald Miller. 

Sitting alongside the book is TLC s fifth album, Here s to Hindsight, filled with sweeping melodies and lush, ambient guitars. The 12 gems were produced by Stephen Gause (Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken) and Donnie Boutwell (Caedmon s Call, Randall Goodgame) and are unquestionably her best work yet. The lyrical depth and riveting vocals are matched by the impeccable performances of Matt Wertz, Brandon Heath, Josh Wilson, Dave Barnes, Gabe Scott, and Andy Osenga of Caedmon s Call; each player infusing the tracks with fluid precision. 

Since making the leap to full-time touring musician seven years ago, TLC has played 1,700+ events in 42 states (as well as international shows), throwing the acoustic guitar in the back seat, and putting over 500,000 miles on her trusted Toyota Camry. Her phenomenal ability to disarm any audience with her quick wit and engaging stage presence has cast a lasting impression among fans and critics alike.