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Bethel Revivals in the Air CD

Bethel Revivals in the Air CD

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Revival’s In The Air is Bethel Music’s latest album featuring 17 new songs bursting with joy and new life. Inspired by the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37, we sense something rattling in the depths of the body of Christ as God breathes life, causing us to awaken and rise up with new strength. The sick are being healed, prodigals are coming home, broken hearts are being made whole – and it’s just the beginning.

In times of great need stands our greatest opportunity for victory. Revival’s In The Air stands as an invitation for listeners to lift their eyes with hearts wide open and watch God transform.

SONGS INCLUDE: God Of Revival, Come Out of That Grace (Resurrection Power), Anything Is Possible, Reign Above It All, Sing His Praises Again (Oh My Soul), Champion, Breathe/Rest (Spontaneous), Egypt, Revival’s In The Air, My Hands Are Open, I Will Rise, We Cry Holy (Spontaneous), By The Grace of God, Prepare The Way, Better Than, We Praise You, Always Good