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Brian Weaver Let Love In CD

Brian Weaver Let Love In CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Let Love In
02. You Found Me
03. Rain or Shine
04. Count It All Joy
05. I Found Love
06. How I Hear You
07. Dios Puede Salvar
Brian Weaver is a unique individual, with an uncompromising musical vision as well as an uncompromising view of presenting the Gospel. He states, “I believe being a musician is more than just getting up on stage and playing music; it’s about relationships. God designed us for relationships, and just as James 4:8 says to ‘draw close to God, and He will draw close to you,’ I believe it is my calling to pursue those around me and not wait for them to pursue me.” 

One listen to Brian’s new album, Let Love In
, and you’ll hear the purposeful placement of his lyrics; listen more closely and you’ll hear what’s on his heart. Brian’s songs reflect hope, joy, struggle, and overcoming the storms of life through a victorious walk with the Savior. Brian says emphatically. “We can either have a negative approach to what happens in life, getting upset at the situation, or we can have a positive approach and realize that if we fall in life we fall into the hands of a Savior. In our weakness, He is strong; what a powerful place to be!” On songs like “Rain or Shine” Brian shares, “I wrote this song after hearing my pastor say, ‘When it rains in life, do you sit inside and hide out? Or do you go out and dance in the rain?’ The idea behind this statement was the mentality we should have when storms arise in our life.” Indeed, and this album clearly shares that hope and inspiration.