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Dinosaur Island : There World is Closer Than You Think DVD

Dinosaur Island : There World is Closer Than You Think DVD

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A boy and a girl find themselves stranded in a land of wonder only to discover that throughout history things have mysteriously disappeared to this long lost world. Together, they embark on their magical journey back home, and along the way encounter tribal natives, ferocious dinosaurs and a land long forgotten 


  • Directed, written and produced by 2014 Emmy Award Winner Matt Drummond ("Big History") a special effects guru.
  • A family friendly, dinosaur adventure in the vein of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Drafting Opportunity: Jurassic World (06/12/15)
  • Fantastic Visual Effects from a top-tier, award winning effects team.
  • Over 800,000 views of the trailer on youtube since the September trailer premiere.
  • Marketing Support: Key Asset Premieres on top-tier entertainment sites, Social Media Outreach, Grassroots Outreach for giveaways Zoos, Museums and Libraries, Online DVD Reviews and Giveaways. 

    Genre: Family / Adventure 
    Rating: NR 
    Audience: Boys 7+, Family / Dinosaur Fans 
    Company: Alchemy 
    Runtime: 84 mins