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Highasakite Camp Echo Vinyl LP

Highasakite Camp Echo Vinyl LP

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Vinyl LP Record.

1 My Name Is Liar

2 Samurai Swords

3 Someone Who´Ll Get It

4 My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood

5 God Don't Leave Me

6 I Am My Own Disease

7 Golden Ticket

8 Deep Sea Diver

9 Chernobyl

Vinyl LP pressing. As one of one of seven detention camps within Guantanamo Bay, Camp Echo is a brooding proposition. It's entrenched in historical discourse, but for Highasakite's Ingrid Helene Håvik, 'Camp Echo' is more a state of mind. The songs took shape over the 18 months leading to 2016, serving an internal memoir of the outward events that so dramatically shaped Håvik's worldview. It's a long time in the making, stemming back to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Sonically speaking, 'Camp Echo' exists somewhere between the mid 1980s-90s; pulling inspiration from electro-industrial heavyweights The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails, and owing much to the production smarts of Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim (who also produced 'Silent Treatment'). Given the band's largely electronic output, it's interesting to note the all-inclusive process that sets them apart from EDM contemporaries.