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Amanda Cook Brave New World CD

Amanda Cook Brave New World CD

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1.  Heroes

2.  Shepherd

3.  The Voyage

4.  Never See The End

5.  Mercy

6.  Fellowships

7.  Kind

8.  Closer

9.  Bitter/Sweet

10. Highest Praise

11. Brave New World

12. City Of Hope

13. Pieces

The process of writing gave me permission to explore and to breathe in a way I didn’t know I needed. I was given a gift- to find out what I actually believe about God, to ask big questions, wrestle with what I had been told are answers, and find peace within the mystery. These are my imaginations and confessions put to melodies and music.

Brave New World represents a voyage of discovering that God has been on our side all along, that we can live a whole life, full of heart, with a capacity to process pain, wrestle with truth, and find ourselves steady at the end of our pilgrimage.

There is an endless possibility for God to create a world within us, a world transformed through the bravery of perfect Love. My prayer through this record is that you would experience the reality that you, in fact, house a Brave New World; you are a Brave New World. May you be filled with hope in the One whose mercy is timeless, and whose Love for mankind is as boundless as the sea.

– Amanda Cook