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Slick Shoes Biggest & The Best CD

Slick Shoes Biggest & The Best CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Pretend To Be The Same
02. Ruled Out
03. Spleen Puncher
04. I Knew
05. Alone
06. Angel
07. Friday Night
08. Last Round
09. Joe's Sick
10. East On Tracks
11. My Ignorance
12. Constancy
13. For Better, For Worse
14. Peace Of Mind
15. Fall
16. Last
17. Five O Grind
18. My So Called Real World
With five full-length albums released, numerous national tours, and a slot on the Warped Tour this summer, the guys in Slick Shoes can basically be considered pop-punk veterans. My So-Called Greatest Hits is a collection of the very best songs of this seasoned band’s impressive seven year career, in addition to three new songs recorded especially for this collection!!

  • This is Slick Shoes’ 4th Full Length Release on Tooth and Nail Records
  • Out on Warped Tour this entire summer! (20000+ kids per date)
  • Scanned nearly 150,000 units cumulatively
  • Internet marketing campaign using Tooth and Nail’s extensive email list and very active website