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Number One Gun Promises for the Imperfect CD

Number One Gun Promises for the Imperfect CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. Pretend
02. Regrets Of Photographs
03. We Are
04. Fireside Wing
05. There Is Hope
06. Who You Are
07. All You Have
08. Golden Smile
09. The Time Is Now
10. Life Is What You Make It
Just over three years ago, Chico, California birthed a young, motivated new band in the form of Number One Gun. Their brand or pop/rock will for sure be something that will make their new album, "Promises for the Imperfect" one of your years favorite new albums!

  • First single “We Are” pushed to Rock/CHR beginning June 1
  • Summer touring to include Creation, Spirit West Coast (Del Mar and Monterey), Cornerstone and various other festivals—plus hitting 30 US markets with Further Seems Forever and Project 86 beginning late July
  • Single “We Are” to be included on Simply Sampler promotion for the summer as well as all label samplers this summer (over 200K impressions)
  • Aggressive retail, web and consumer marketing beginning in May