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Mae Everglow CD

Mae Everglow CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Prologue
02. We're So Far Away
03. Someone Else's Arms
04. Suspension
05. This Is The Countdown
06. Painless
07. The Ocean
08. Breakdown
09. Mistakes We Never Knew We Were Making
10. Cover Me
11. The Everglow
12. Ready And Waiting To Fall
13. Anything
14. The Sun And The Moon
15. Epilogue
For most bands, finding a true identity and a dynamic voice takes more than a leap from one album to the next. Between touring, writing, and recordings, all steps must be aligned to make a good band you acknowledge into a great one you won¹t forget. Currently finishing up their sophomore release with producer Ken Andrews, Mae¹s new album The Everglow will peak into their future from an already noteworthy past, there¹s no doubt Mae¹s fate will be nothing short of radiant! 

  • Debut album has currently scanned over 65,000 units.
  • Mae has a great touring history opening for huge groups such as Simple Plan, Something Corporate and The Starting Line, plus played the entire 2004 Warped Tour and this winter/spring is heading out with Relient K in support of this release!
  • Aggressive radio, media and web marketing push surrounding this release.