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Decyfer Down Scarecrow CD

Decyfer Down Scarecrow CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. Memory

2. Westboro

3. Worst Enemy

4. Say Hello

5. Bleeding Lies

6. Fight to Win

7. Scarecros

8. The River

9. Some Things Never Change

10. So in Love

2013 release, the Grammy-nominated Christian Rock act's follow-up to their 2008 album Crash, Boasting a tantalizing mix of moody anthems, driving guitars and a heavy sound that is matched by weighty spiritual lyrics, Scarecrow proves the old adage, ''good things come to those who wait.'' The title track, 'Scarecrow' speaks to the fear of things that are different and unfamiliar, and how that fear keeps us from being accepting of people outside the church. 'The River' weaves in unexpected Americana and Southern Rock influences before cranking up the volume. Decyfer Down hearkens back to their 2006 groundbreaking debut, End of Grey, but with the added depth and layers that only age and experience can bring. Scarecrow offers up radio-ready Hard Rock that is accessible and edgy, without being predictable and off-putting.