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Lindsey Stirling Vinyl LP

Lindsey Stirling Vinyl LP

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Vinyl LP Record. Factory Sealed.

Track Listing: 1.Electric Daisy Violin, 2.Zi-Zi's Journey, 3.Crystallize, 4.Song Of The Caged Bird, 5.Moon Trance, 6.Minimal Beat 1.Transcendence, 2.Elements, 3.Shadows, 4.Spontaneous Me, 5.Anti Gravity, 6.Stars Align

Lindsey Stirling is an electronic violinist whose use of big beats and animation has landed her over 7 million YouTube subscribers, over 1 billion views on her YouTube channel, a Billboard music award, and sold out tours worldwide. Her debut release has sold nearly half a million copies and is now available for the first time on vinyl. It showcases her signature violin-electronic-dub step style, which includes the viral smash 'Crystallize.'