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LoveCollide Tired of Basic CD

LoveCollide Tired of Basic CD

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Comes in Slipcase.

1. Awake
2. Undeniable
3. I Don't Want It
4. Ibil
5. Take Me On
6. So What
7. Maybe
8. Breaking My <3
9. Wildfire
10. X-Ordinary

Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, known collectively as the faithforward pop duo Lovecollide, have spent their young lives bucking trends, shattering expectations and defying norms-in essence, being anything but basic. Having started a band together when they were just tweens, Brooke and Lauren have watched God take something that began as a sibling side project and turned it into a poignant ministry. With their 10 new dance-pop tracks, the DeLeary's have crafted a soundtrack for the revolution-a revolution against boredom, mediocrity and status quo living.