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Todd Agnew Reflection of Something Deluxe w/Bonus Acoustic 2CD

Todd Agnew Reflection of Something Deluxe w/Bonus Acoustic 2CD

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Full CD Reflection of Something with Bonus Acoustic CD. Double CD Set. Comes in Jewel Case & Slipcase.

Disc: 1

  1. Something Beautiful
  2. New Name
  3. Blood On My Hands
  4. Unchanging One
  5. Isaiah 6
  6. Mercy In Me
  7. The Wonder Of It All
  8. In The Middle Of Me
  9. Always There
  10. Where Were You
  11. Fullness Found
  12. My Jesus
Disc: 2
    1. Unchanging One
    2. Something Beautiful
    3. Wait For Your Rain
    4. Still Here Waiting
    5. My Jesus
Everything we see is a reflection of something: photons flying through the air as certain wavelenghs bounce off, while others are absorbed into every bit of material around us. Everything we say is a reflection of something: our background, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings. Everything we do is a reflection of something: the sum total of our likes and dislikes, the culmination of our interests and pursuits, the manifestation of actions both conscious and hidden. Throughout his two-year journey into the artist's life brought on by his debut album "Grace Like Rain", Todd Agnew has taken ample opportunity to analyze the reasons and the motivations behind the things he sees, says, and does, and has channeled them into the dozen songs chronicling the Christian existence for his Advent Records sophomore release. Everything you'll hear is a Reflection of Something. Experiencing Reflection of Something compels you to move. Moving you to sing praises, weep in worship, or fall at the feet of Jesus. Todd applies his signature gritty and passionate vocal delivery to penetrating, emotional songs, leading the listener to a place of thoughtful introspection.