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Ten Commandments DVD
Ten Commandments DVD

Ten Commandments DVD

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Condemned to die by the Pharaoh while just a baby, Hebrew Moses is set adrift on the River Nile by his mother and his sister. Rescued by the daughter of the Pharaoh, he grows up thinking he’s an Egyptian prince. Eventually exiled from Egypt when he is exposed as a Jew, he is touched by God and told that he will lead his enslaved Chosen People to the Promised Land. Filled with high adventure, miraculous events, and a gentle sense of humor, The Ten Commandments showcases Moses, the reluctant prophet, who was the only man in Biblical history to see the face of God and call him “friend.” 

CGI animated film featuring the voice talent of Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley (Ghandi), Academy Award nominee Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Thirteen), Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2), and Christian Slater (Bobby) as the voice of Moses

Theatrical release in October 2007 on 830 screens nationally

Soundtrack features an original song by best-selling recording artist Jeremy Camp

Huge theatrical marketing across TV, Print, Online, and an extensive Email campaign targeting millions of consumers nationwide