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Angella Christie Intimate Conversations CD

Angella Christie Intimate Conversations CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak Case.

1. Break Every Chain, 2. You're All I Need, 3. Alpha & Omega, 4. Give Myself Away [Praise Medley], 5. He Touched Me, 6. He's Able, 7. How Great Is Our God, 8. Medley: K'abio Osi/Olorun T'oda Awon Oke Ibga'ni, 9. I Can Only Imagine, 10. Take My Life (Holiness), 11. Draw Me Close to You, 12. Take Me to the King, 13. IGWE

INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS is the perfect title for the long-awaited new release from the award winning saxophonist, ANGELLA CHRISTIE. This album will touch the depth of your spirit with impactful messages lodged deep in the melodies of every song. The tracks are smooth, yet possess a continual elevating terrain of diverse musical ambiance. Angella introduces you to a new spiritual landscape with every note as she plays with an urbane but deliberate purpose that permeates the soul as each familiar song reawakens during her impressive instrumental presentation. “He Touched Me” has a warm urban inviting approach that would quake the heart with joy for anyone who only feels that they just have all things common. “Break Every Chain” explodes melodiously with power as it weaves through various rhythmic styles of expression such as rock, fusion, smooth jazz and gospel as Angella leaves no stone unturned in this rendition. “Alpha & Omega” stands alone as a ballad of shear expression of worship, while “I Can Only Imagine” gives you that easy listening smooth jazz, pop and neo soul feel, like a generous plate of comfort food on a nice Sunday afternoon. So feel free to accept the musical invitation offered by ANGELLA CHRISTIE and enjoy INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS!