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Tedashii Identity Crisis CD

Tedashii Identity Crisis CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak Case.

1. Identity Crisis Intro, 2. Work, 3. 26's Introduction, 4. 26's - (featuring Lecrae), 5. Hollywood, 6. Identity 1: We Fell, 7. Make War, 8. Gotta Believe - (featuring Diamone), 9. Identity 2: Adoption - (featuring Rick Trotter), 10. I'm a Believer - (featuring Trip Lee/Soye'), 11. Fresh, 12. Thank You, 13. All I Need, 14. Identity 3: Church, 15. Community - (featuring Stephen The Levite/Sho Baraka)

By His Grace, I Am What I Am - 1 Cor 15:10 The world today suffers from a noxious disease. It enters at conception and we all bear the effects of it until the day we die. It is called "Sin". Sin shatters the mirror that allows us to view ourselves correctly. It distorts the view of who we are, often leaving us trying to be someone we are not. The final diagnosis is that we have an "Identity Crisis." On this album, Tedashii, gives us a wake up call and take us to a place of freedom. The cry is for men and women to realize that we are in a crisis no one can escape. Our only chance for redemption is through the blood of Christ by his death on the cross. If we believe in Him, and learn to see ourselves as a new creation, only then will our image be restored. Tedashii enlists Flame, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee and others to tackle this "tour de force." With production from G-Styles, DJ Official, and others, "Identity Crisis" is sure to be not only an unbelievably creative masterpiece but a call for all to seek restoration. Direct, clear, bold, heartfelt, sentimental. When asked how you would classify his music, these answers brought clarity to the man behind the mission. The Texas native, Tedashii, yearns to see God glorified in his music and ultimately his lifestyle. The target market is ALL men and women, the vehicle is music, and the driver Christ himself. Although, Tedashii admits that he has a heavy burden for the constantly "forgotten" urban communities, the main goal is to show theworld the glory of God through the redemptive work of Christ on thecross. Southern yet universal, fresh but old school, impactful andheartfelt, these phrases show the diversity of artthat Tedashii wishes create.