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Various Jam the Hype v.1 CD

Various Jam the Hype v.1 CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. Champion 
2. Shine 
3. Going Back 
4. My Life Ain't Mine 
5. Make Em Think I'm Bad 
6. Understand Us 
7. Validated 
8. Watch How I Do It 
9. Let It Go 
10. Wearing Me Out 
11. Bully Central 
12. Set Ablaze 
13. Yeen Bout That Life [Madik Remix] 
14. Red 
15. Fast Life 
16. Searching for My Soul 
17. Keep on Loving Me 
18. Stickup 
19. Bet I Will 
20. Stars and Planets 

Two brands come together for a powerful compilation.  Jam the Hype is the #1 syndicated radio show and most-listened to 24/7 radio stream for Christian hip hop, and is one of the most trusted and highly-visited fan websites.  In this compilation CD, the brands' DJs curate tracks from 18 of their most requested and talked-about artists, like Flame, J'Son, Je'kob, and Lecrae's "hype man" Canon.  These exclusive tracks cannot be found anywhere else except on this volume.

 Featuring tracks from:


Flame | J'Son | Je'kob | Ruslan & Beleaf | Spec | Canon |

D-Maub | Deraj | George Moss | K-Drama | Mr. Del | Primisis | Red Coalescence | Sicily | International Show | V. Rose | Still Trill Christians | The Washington Projects